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Residential Salespeople

ICIWorld is an information tool designed for every licensed real estate broker and salesperson in the world.  It is a world real estate brokers network of Haves and Wants and when anyone from the public wants more information they call you.

About half the members of ICIWorld do residential real estate.

Many do some commercial real estate.  Many do not.

Why do residential salespeople join ICIWorld?  Several reasons:

  1. You could have a $30,000 web site and it would not be as powerful as the one from ICIWorld for $240/year. Ask for our demo and then you be the judge.

    If you already have a web site, have another one!  If the one we supply you generates $50,000 and your other one is making money then why not?  Some make one web site more residential and the other more commercial.  We show you how to link the two.

  2. Exposure and marketing.  You can add your homes with photos, slide show displays and your homes will be googled. This is a powerful listing tool. You will do direct business on the residential enquiries.  You will do referrals on commercial real estate enquiries.  You will be part of a major world network of real estate brokers and salespeople advertising residential real estate.
  3. We have one training course entitled "How To Promote Your Web Site." This can be the difference between generating traffic to your web site and your other web sites. This can easily be the difference between doing deals and/or referrals or doing no business at all. This is a secret competitive report that we do not share with non-members.
  4. ICIWorld provides residential web sites. We call them the "Mercedes Benz of real estate web sites" on the Internet. That is because they are customizable, have thousands of residential listings content that generates residential leads, and when you add your residential homes to your web site, your homes are googled from outer space. Thoughtful and creative designs, and so many information tools you will be amazed.  It is a great service to the public.
  5. Some may feel it is not necessary to have a link to commercial real estate ads on a residential web site.  Firstly it is just a link.  If no one is interested in commercial then they won't click on it.  However if and when someone is interested, and they do click on it, and if they see something they are interested in, YOU get the call.  You simply say "I will have someone get back to you."  Call the other broker and do a referral.  Five minutes of your time that now average $5,000-$10,000.  One Re/Max salesperson has done 15 of these since January.  The only reason brokers do not do referrals is that they do not get the leads.  Now you will!
  6. If you already have one web site, we suggest that you have two. Why? Because in one respect web sites are like billboards. If we can help you make an extra $50,000 and more from the web site we supply, and you are making money from the other one, then why not? Some make one web site a little more residential looking and make the other one more commercial looking, and then we show you how to link the two.
  7. ICIWorld provides the content of listings that generate leads. All licensed real estate professionals can provide referral services for the public. If there is one thing better than listing and selling real estate it is referrals.  That is because referrals take five minutes to do, provide a great service to the public, and with ICIWorld's content on a web site, referrals average $5,000-$10,000. And it is a great service to the public because they may never have had access to such information and listings. Details.
  8. ICIWorld distributed residential web sites are quite special. These are turn-key web sites ready in a few minutes that are customizable. In fact, we actually get them up and running while you are on the phone processing your signup. We totally set the first one up for you with special links that provide real estate services to the public that generates leads. We show you how to make changes. See samples.
  9. Training and education. You can have a jet outside your door and that sounds good. You can fly anywhere in the world. However, if you do not know how to fly it, you still are not going anywhere. ICIWorld provides training in your office, over the phone while you are on the Internet. Just a few hours can make a world of difference. It is conducted weekly. See Training and conference calls.
  10. Learning about and networking commercial real estate information. In the past, it would take years to build up the contacts necessary to market commercial real estate. Now ICIWorld has built these contacts in one spot. By simply placing your Have or Want, it reaches a readership of over 50,000 people from over 120 countries AND it is emailed to the industry by email with over 10,000 emails being distributed daily to the public. Training and support are provided.
  11. Apartment buildings are residential. This is a major category on ICIWorld in both Database 1 and Database 2. There are quite probably now, buyers in your area that are looking to buy. You will have access to these buyers and sellers in your area. 
  12. Resource Center. Because ICIWorld specializes in helping real estate brokers and salespeople it has compiled a major list of resources over ten years and these are all instantly available to new members. Just one tip can benefit you more than the cost of membership. In fact, we can provide one tax deduction you are probably missing that will save you more than the cost of membership in the first year.