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The fastest, quickest, easiest way to start making money on the Internet.

The fastest, quickest and easiest way to start benefitting from the power of the Internet and your real estate license to make money.

  1. Get a web site. 5 minutes. It works by itself 24 hours per day. Will require approximately 3 - 30 minutes sessions working one on one with you designing it to suit your business and career in real estate. See Webinar Workshops.
  2. Stock it with content.  0 minutes because we do it for you. Residential and commercial real estate ads in a way that you get the calls. It becomes absolutely inevitable that you generat leads because the very next person who visits your web site and sees something that they like, HAS TO CALL YOU FOR MORE INFORMATION. 
  3. Promote your web site.  90 minute training session or read a document "How To Promote Your Web Site." Exclusive to Executive Members of ICIWorld. Special Webinar conducted monthly for all members. Includes SEO. (Search Engine Optimization) We teach it, show references on how it is done or just do it for you.
  4. Get a domain name. It can be working in 60 minutes!
  5. Work the leads as referrals. 5 minute referrals average $3,000-$10,000 One broker has done 15! 75 minutes of time to make $45,000. The only reason you do not do referrals is because you do not get the leads. Now you can!

How fast can this opportunity to generate leads start to go to work for you?

  How fast can you join ICIWorld?



  1. Join ICIWorld.
  2. Get a web site. You just have to ask for it on joining. We send it to you by EMail with your login ID and Password. There is link in the EMail that you click on to go to it. It is customizable.  You can add residential homes and commercial properties. You will learn about the wonderful features over time. It is like the "Mercedes Benz" of web sites in the world today. You will have the best training available to make full use of all the features and benefits. Get into a Workshop Webinar.  This is a one time setup and once built you do not have to do it again.
  3. Stock it with content.  We do it all for you. Applicable no matter where in the world you are located!

    Commercial: ICIWorld adds special links for you to thousands of real estate ads all structured in a way that you get the calls. This is unique from ICIWorld and has taken years to build because every single listing required an agreement from the brokers to allow this; "will you allow your listings to be advertised on other brokers web sites?"

    Residential: Thousands of residential listings can also be advertised on your web site from thousands of other brokers in a special handshake agreement that you determine from within the website. There are choices that allow you control over what information you want to allow, and what information you do not want to allow.  Again all structured in a way that you get the calls.

    This is unique from ICIWorld to have this content.  A web site by itself does not generate leads.  It is the content on a web site that does and you need both.

    Every single broker and salesperson can serve the public well by doing referrals because you are putting people in touch with others that can help them and in consideration of building this network of contacts and information you receive a referral fee.

    You also have the opportunity of serving people directly.

  4. Promote Your Web Site

    What good is a web site if you have no traffic to your web site.

    This course and course manual content is a secret competitive report that we do not share with non members. It is out goal to have all our members become number 1 or at the very least in the top ten in their respective market areas and specialties.

    This course is like a switch that can be the difference from you being on the Internet and doing no business, to all of a sudden start to doing business.

  5. Generat Referrals.  If there is one thing in real estate that is better than listing and selling real estate some people say it is referrals. Why? Because they can be done in as little as five minutes to do and make $2,000-$10,000.  We have one broker who reported doing 15 referrals in a three month period.

    The only reason why real estate brokers and salespeople do not do referrals is because they do not get the leads.  Now you will.

    There are millions of people on the Internet and 77% of people who search for real estate use the Internet. (NAR Survey)

    ICIWorld specializes in helping brokers and salespeople with special information and Internet marketing tools to serve the public on the Internet with the kind of information that the public is looking for.  And then of course they appreciate the opportunity to serve them.

    Licensed real estate brokers and salespeople are well positioned to collect, manage and distribute and make information from the whole world available in their respective market places.

    ICIWorld world services are simply one major service that does this for the industry and becasue it is so economical every broker and salesperson can provide this service from their own web sites.

    In fact this service is essentially free because you just have to do one referral in a lifetime to pay for this service for a lifetime.

    See among the most deals being done as a result of connections made through the Internet. 

    Click here for success stories.

This is all possible because of the powers of the Internet allow us as a community to communicate with each other. Powers that were formally reserved for the Fortune 500 companies and large institutions are now used by ICIWorld everyday and these powers will now be working from your web site for you to serve the public in your area. 

You will have about a two year lead time on the rest of the industry before they start to pick up on these new services.

Make ICIWorld integral part of your marketing plans. It can sit there in the Internet working 24 hours per day for you, automatically updating itself with new listings.

This service and concepts apply to every single area of the world no matter where in the world you are located.

Call today 1-877-272-1721 and be in front of your computer or contact us free from anywhere in the world.