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Welcome to ICIWorld.net helping people in the real estate industry make connections to do business on the Internet since 1994.

Unlimited advertising for members on one of the world's largest internet sites, a global real estate village.

ICIWorld provides special links for a real estate salesperson's web site to:

  1. thousands of residential real estate ads and/or
  2. thousands of commercial real estate ads, all structured in a way that you get the calls!

    And you are providing a great service for the public.

And we supply a $5,000 looking web site as well for an economical yearly fee.

This is unparalleled in the real estate industry for only an economical yearly fee. ICIWorld is a real estate service bureau providing internet and marketing tools for licensed real estate brokers and salespeople in their service to the public.

You may already have one web site, but web sites are like billboards, and if you have the one we supply making you thousands of dollars and you have your other one making you money then why not?

If you spent $30,000 on another web site it would not be as powerful.  Why?

Because 96% of people on the Internet are searching for listings. You will have thousands of residential and/or commercial real estate ads, all structured in a way that you get the calls.

We consider this as the most powerful tool on the Internet for all licensed real estate brokers and salespeople.

It works on its own with new listings coming in daily, updates itself automatically. 

It generates leads.  Do referrals.  Do direct business.

Click on the Residential button on the left to see how the listings appear for residential.  They are tailored for your area of the USA, Canada or the world.  If you are a commercial real estate broker or salesperson, then you work referrals on the enquiries.

Doctors and lawyers do referrals all the time.

Click on World Commercial on the left as one link for commercial real estate ads. If you are a residential broker, then you do referrals on the enquiries.

Do direct business.  Do referrals. One Re/Max member has done 15 referrals in the last three months.

96% of people who search for real estate on the Internet are searching for listings.  Now you will have links to thousands of residential and/or commercial real estate listings all in a way that you get the calls. Details.

No home page? Have a $5,000-$10,000 looking web site within ten minutes!  We will explain later how this is done.

Summary of services. 

Call from 9am-7pm Eastern Standard Time (New York) see world time clock for your area.

North America 1-877-272-1721

If you are a residential or commercial realestate licensed real estate broker or salesperson anywhere on the planet earth you have come to the right spot.

ICIWorld is all about communication, providing technology tools and services for licensed real estate brokers and salespeople to serve the publilc. 

They are just like tools you can buy from Home Depot for your toolbox at home that helps you do things easier and make life more productive for the time spent. 

The following services add value for a licensed real estate professional in their services to the public.

There are over 19,000 real estate Have and Want ads on ICIWorld and there is a simple way, a link, for you to have this content on your web site, in a way that generates leads for the rest of your life and provides a great service for the public.

When you add a linke to the real estate ads that are on ICIWorld to YOUR web site, it makes your web site "live."  This is because your web site is automatically updated daily with 50-100+ new Have and Want ads!

  • a web site by itself does not generate leads. It is content, real estate opportunities that people are searching for and now you will have it; 
  • 50-100 new opportunities added daily brings people back regularly to your web site to look for new listings;
  • it is all done automatically;
  • it generates traffic for your web site;
  • it generates leads and gives you opportunities to do business;
  • you can do referrals;
  • you can do direct business;
  • there are residential ads on the web sites we distribute;
  • there are commercial ads that you can add to your web site with one link or on the web sites that we distribute;
  • commercial brokers can do referrals on the residential ads;
  • residential brokers can do referrals on the commercial ads;
  • if your web site is not productive it is not because of the web site, it is because you do not have content that generates interest! 96% of people are searching for listings! Now you will have them. 
  • This does not restrict you to providing other additional services.  Add them all and really give people a choice;
  • there are some services out there that now charge $300 to $700 per month for leads of buyers and sellers.  You will be getting them yourself directly off the Internet all year long absolutely free, with an economical membership in ICIWorld.
  • we would appreciate the opportunity to show you just how utterly simple this is to set up.

This simple link displays thousands of real estate ads placed by other brokers and salespeople and the public all who have agreed to do so.  Listings that were not agreed to, do not appear on your web site, only on our main web site.

What is special about it?  It is structured so that people can not click on the ads, they must call you for more information.

People become interested in the real estate ads, then call you with a message number. It is a great service to the public because they find out about real estate opportunities that would otherwise not be available to them and you can be the one to help them.

It is a simple link, so easy to do, some have laughed it was so easy to do.  Let us analyse your situation in one minute and give you a recomendation free. 1-877-272-1721. Please leave a message if our phones are busy and we will get back to you. 8am-10pm Eastern Time (New York) Monday to Saturday. 

You can do referrals much like a doctor refers people to a specialist. Or, you can provide your services to people yourself. 

There are many ways to do business on ICIWorld. One broker has done fifteen referrals in a three month period.  The advantage is that in less than two hours of total time at five minutes per referral was used and it helped make the broker over $40,000. 

It provides a valuable service to the public because they have found out about an opportunity that they would otherwise have not found out about.  Because you had it on YOUR web site.

Provide the ICIWorld service for only $319 for the first year, then $240 per year thereafter.

It can be set up for your state or province as well. See Florida Commercial or Ontario Commercial for example.

As a licensed real estate professional you will also be able to place unlimited ads all year long as well.

It is such an economical information tool that every single real estate professional in the world should have it. 

It is almost like a switch that turns on and all of a sudden people on the Internet to call you.  The reason? You have given them something to be interested in.

96% of people search for listings. Their curiosity necessitates that they call you.

I too have been a broker for over 30 years and this is a win win situation for the whole real estate industry.

The web sites that we distribute is part of a network of over 70,000 real estate professionals.

With the residential portion of this new web site that we set up for you, you can add residential homes, pictures, etc. and they will be googled from outer space.

ICIWorld sets this all up for you! It can be within a matter of minutes or at a time convenient to you. 

It is all customizable by you. We show you how. We also provide weekly training classes in your office over the phone while you are on the Internet to help you get this all working. How to promote your web site.  How to design and make changes to your web site and much more.

The fastest way to get started is call 1-877-272-1721 from anywhere in North America and be in front of your computer on the internet.

Web sites are like billboards, like a storefront. There are millions of people on the Internet.  Everyone should have a presence.  These web sites are like the "Mercedes Benz" of web sites on the Internet.

Membership in ICIWorld provides for all of this.  These services apply to every single real estate professional and their market areas and expertise.

Why is this so significant for every real estate broker and salesperson in the world?

Because you and YOUR web site become the portal to information in the world. 

It is content on your web site that generates leads, not the web site itself.

And ICIWorld provides that content from all the members who agree to allow their listings to be advertised on other brokers web sites. 

You handle the calls and set up the showings or provide referral services and earn money.

There are 600,000,000 people on the Internet. According to a NAR survey 71% of people who search for real estate use the Internet to search!

Another survey shows 96% search for listings. Now you will have thousands of commercial listings to do referrals, and thousands of residential listings to do referrals.

Another survey shows 74% of people looking for a real estate broker choose the first broker they develop a business relationship with.  It is our goal on ICIWorld to have all our members be the first in their respective areas to receive these customers and serve them well.

We believe that our members will have a one to two year lead time on their competitors by employing these tools and getting them working.

These tools help you become the first person people call.

ICIWorld provides this as a "turnkey set up" and all you have to do is order it. It is customizable by you and there are other powerful features for client follow up, etc.

You will always send people to YOUR web site to look for listings, not to our web site.  Your web site becomes the portal to information.  This link makes you a part of a world wide real estate brokers advertising network.  It provides unlimited advertising for members.

This is unique with ICIWorld technology since you now provide this service to the public from YOUR web site. People have to call YOU for more information. 

This one service, this link to listings, may become the biggest revenue generator any broker or salesperson can place on his/her web site. 

No web site?

Order your web site today if you do not have one. See samples and details. We do it all for you. It is customizable.

Already have a web site? Have two! In one respect web sites are like billboards. If we supply you with a web site and it helps you make $50,000 per year and more and the other one that you have makes you money, then why not? We will help you link the two. Some make one more residential looking and the other more commercial and link the two. May we help you with your decision?
The following are "information tools" every broker should have to generate business and meet these people first. I should know. I too have been a broker for over 30 years. 

Since 1990 I have been specializing in helping brokers and salespeople take advantage of the Internet resulting in some of the most business being done on the Internet today in real estate.

See the business being done. Every member can and should do deals.

Your suggestons and enhancements too are welcomed to help make this an effective and productive world wide tool for everyone in the real estate industry.


Buyers02.jpgNo web site? Residential Web Sites supplied within ten minutes! - A community of 70,000 and homes added to YOUR web site in a way that YOU get the calls! You can add homes, photos, reports, links to so much more. We  also add 18,000 commercial real estate ads in a way that generates leads for you that you work as referrals. Your residential properties are googled from outer space. We set it all up for you and then provide training for you to make changes and maintain it. It is a web site that we teach you how to customize, manage and control. You do not need to know anything about computers. Generate leads! Do business! Details.

Building02.jpgCommercial Web Sites - Totally set up for you! We add 18,000 listings to your web site with one link in a way that generates leads that you will work as referrals and/or do direct business. Add commercial listings to ICIWorld and they instantly appear on your web site! Link to other sites to provide information. Link to real estate boards and ask people to fill in their contact information before providing access to real estate board information and more! Add YOU can add as many Haves and Wants as you wish all year long!

We set it all up for you and then provide training for you to make changes and maintain it. Generate leads! Do business! Once it is all set up it works 24 hours per day 7 days a week to generate business for you . . . automatically.

Add ICIWorld as an information marketing tool. To join this world brokers network and provide this service for the public from your web site click here.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

Call anytime to chat.

Gary Nusca, CCIM
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All the services on ICIWorld apply to every local market area and for every real estate professional in the world. 

Since 1994