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About ICIWorld.net

How it all began...

ICIWorld.com started in 1994 with an aim to assist people to network real estate and related businesses. Supported by licensed real estate brokers and salespeople, ICIWorld is a free public website that established a networking community where Have and Want information on various real estate transactions such as industrial, commercial, and investment real estates, land, farms, business opportunities, recreational and senior lifestyle properties as well as financing opportunities are available and accessible to people world wide.

What it has become...

ICIWorld’ databases list over 24,000 Haves and Wants ads complete with direct contact information. These are accessible by both the general public and the registered members of ICIWorld. “Haves” are database of properties for sale and for lease while the “Wants” are database of purchaser and tenant needs. The databases include real estate listings and complete contact information from the U.S.A., Ontario, Eastern Canada,  Western Canada, Central America and Caribbean Basin, Europe and Asia.

However, For Sale By Owner or FSBO database has limited access. Although the public can still add their Haves and Wants needs for free in the FSBO database, access to it is limited to registered members of ICIWorld only.

ICIWorld also provides added service to its members. These include providing them with professional looking home pages. These home pages can be up and running within minutes. ICIWorld also promised to put in over 10,000 real estate ads to member home pages which will encourage the public to call and transact businesses with member real estate brokers and salespeople. They are updated daily, automatically.

There are over $1 Trillion worth of buyers and over $8 Billion worth of properties for sale and for lease around the globe. And there are numerous real estate boards and real estate listings on the internet. Nevertheless, ICIWorld guarantees that people world wide will be able to see the real estate information posted on their online database.

The confidence of ICIWorld can be traced on the fact that their databases receive over 1,500,000 hits per month from people in over 110 countries and appear on over 18,000 pages throughout the Internet. Countries that access their site on a regular basis include Antigua and Barbuda, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, Greece, Hong Kong, Israel, Iceland, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Kuwait, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand (Aotearoa), Sweden, Taiwan, United Kingdom, South Africa, and of course all of the USA and Canada.

The growth of online business...

The importance of an online community for real estate brokers and industrial, commercial and investment real estates is stressed by the some 600,000,000 who spend their time on the Internet. It is now known that when people look for real estates, 71% use the Internet and 96% of them look for internet listings. This is according to the National Association of Real Estate. ICIWorld’s online database provides these people with the information that they need.

Networking information in real estate is necessary to serve clients and prospects successfully. ICIWorld has helped hundreds of members make lots money, not just through closing a sale over the internet but also through the connections they made that led them to other businesses.

Online spending is increasing every year. A recent report by Forrester Research indicated that by 2008 online spending would have grown to $229 billion from the $95.7 billion spent in 2003. Also, the same study shows that U.S. online shopping households will increase to 63 million by 2008. Ideally, a real estate website can help generate leads to other businesses whereby taking full advantage of the influx of online spending.

There are thousands of buyers, sellers, spaces for lease and tenants looking for spaces. And ICIWorld is one of the best ways to have full access to such opportunities is to access and subscribe to their global information databases.

What's New...

We also now provide residential real estate web sites where residential real estate brokers and salespeople can provide residential services to the public and provide commercial real estate content that generates leads which residential and commercial brokers can work as referrals.

It is designed economically so that every real estate professional can include it in their advertising budget for the year.

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