ICIWorld is an Association of Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople 
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Commercial real estate brokers and salespeople

Commercial real estate brokers and salespeople.

ICIWorld has various information tools that can be working within minutes.

There are powers that were formally reserved for Fortune 500 companies only that are now available to independent real estate brokers and salespeople.

ICIWorld is not a real estate board, internet type listing service like a real estate board. It is rather more like classified ads in a newspaper.  To distinguish the difference we ask you a question.  If you could advertise in newspapers all year long would you put addresses in all your ads? Generally, most brokers answer no. The same is true on ICIWorld.

If you could advertise in your favourite newspaper all year long for free, would you?  If the answer is yes, then you definitely should be a member of ICIWorld.

  1. Evaluate the following keeping in mind it is only $240 per year and it is our policy to ensure everyone does business.
  2. It is unlimited ads.  You can place as many as you like all year long and change them as much as you wish.
  3. Second, you reach a world market of over 50,000 people from over 120 countries and this is growing!
  4. It is a major selling tool.
  5. It is a major listing tool. You can print out lists of buyers showing how well connected you are in the marketplace. Some brokers have reported getting Power of Sales from a bank. You can also print out a list of countries that you reach with your marketing efforts demonstrating your world wide marketing powers.
  6. All the listings can be placed on YOUR web site in a way that YOU get the calls. This one feature distinguishes ICIWorld in the marketplace because nowhere can you get this content.  It is this content of listings on your web site that generates leads. A web site by itself does not generate leads.  It is content that does. And you will have it. ICIWorld is a world real estate brokers network and your web site becomes the portal to this information.
  7. Commercial real estate looking web sites are included in your membership whether you use them or not.  You just have to ask for one.
  8. If you already have a web site, may we suggest you have two. In one respect web sites are like billboards. If we can help you generate $50,000 and more from your web site and you are making money from the other one then why not?
  9. Resource center. Tools and knowledge collected over ten years from helping commercial real estate brokers and salespeople provide services to the public. Spreadsheet programs link to so many things we can not begin to list them.
  10. Training programs. Five seminars and a webinar. All conducted in your office over the phone while you are on the Internet. It will teach you how to use the Internet to work smarter not harder. Each one is designed so that in one 90 minute session you will learn concepts and techniques and ways to provide services to the public and earn money as a result.
  11. Database 2 is over 9,000 real estate Haves and Wants placed by the public.  You can and should deal directly with these people.
  12. Are there deals being done? Click here to see among the most deals now being started as a result of connections started on ICIWorld.  We have one broker, for instance, reporting he placed a shopping center on a real estate board and he got four calls.  On ICIWorld he got over 30 calls and sold it. This simply indicates one should include ICIWorld as an information marketing tool.  The benefit, of course, is that you can belong to both since it is very economical to belong to ICIWorld.
  13. You can work information not just listings. Of 18,000 real estate ads on ICIWorld, only about 2,500 are on real estate boards. You can work open and exclusive listings.  We believe there can be as much as ten times the opportunities and more to do real estate business than one can place on a real estate board.  Both are necessary in our opinion.
  14. The true benefit of ICIWorld is the people. You identify people who are dealing in the kind of real estate you are, develop a business relationship, discuss other things, not on ICIWorld and go off and do deals. We like to take credit for these wonderful connections.
  15. Executive Membership and summary of services.

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